Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Wales

"...a gorgeously rural landscape, mountains that brush the sky, villages with long, strange names..."
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  • Historical Site
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Wales is a country easier to understand if you trace its history. After AD 410, the invading Saxons pushed the Celts, who had occupied the whole of Britain, into the corners of the island. Suddenly, the Celts were isolated and repressed, but they remained closely united. Their stories began to solidify into legends, their beliefs into religion, and their entertainment into art. A profound and intense culture was born. These important elements that are still prevalent in the mind-set of the people of Wales today, hundreds of years later. You can witness this feeling in the gorgeous rural landscape, mountains that brush the sky, the villages with long, strange names, and a coastline that races and weaves throughout.

This country is rich in spiritual heritage, (from its precious Celtic Christian roots to the amazing revivals of the 1800’s that affected the Western world) and many are waiting for a rekindling of God’s spirit in the land. Our pilgrimages and missions trips to Wales consist of times of study in Welsh history, culture and spirituality; times of prayer and meditation; and arts exchange. Your time in the Gwyn Valley will be one of the most magical experiences of your life.  Register for your Voyage today!


  • Walk the ancient paths of the Celtic saints as you hear their stories.
  • Visit the monastery of St. David’s, the spiritual center of Wales.
  • Hike rugged mountains or roam the beach on the Irish Sea.
  • Stay in a monastery in the mysterious Gwyn Valley.
  • Go castle raiding and explore a time of knights and dragons.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Arrival
    Upon our arrival, the great adventure to the west begins this morning as we aim toward Welsh lands. We can take our time through the English countryside. One place we cannot miss is the world-renowned Stonehenge. After we ponder the ancient mysteries of this monument, we will end at our home for the next few days. Located in the heart of Wales, our stay sits on the edge of the Brecon Beacon National Park, where the Robin Hood stories originated.
  • Day 2 – A Welsh Village
    We start our morning with a bit of exploration near our new accommodations and we will interview some of the staff on their history and what it mean to be Welsh. We will then visit the Howell Harris Museum to learn about the spiritual heritage of Wales from the reformation and beyond. We will also get our first taste of a Welsh town as we visit Brecon, at the northern edge of the Beacons. A mixture of ancient history and the buzz of modern life, this village will help ground us in our exploration.
  • Day 3 – Way on High
    The morning will begin with a local Welsh congregation as we engage in a Welsh worship service. After lunch we will head to the world capital of second hand books, Hay-on-Wye (Way on High), a place that holds a quaint charm that cannot be resisted. A castle, numerous book stores and hidden nooks will reveal relics for the team to gather and share. Then we will spend one last evening at Brecon Beacon enjoying each otherʼs company and discussing our Way on High.
  • Day 4 – The Pilgrimʼs Trail
    Today we will do a bit of hiking at the breathtaking waterfalls of Ystradfellte, conveniently on our pilgrimʼs trail to the coast. For those who dare: there is swimming or exploring the waterfall along with some other great opportunities for adventure. We will then head to a deeply hidden jewel in Wales. We go back in time to our new home on Pembrokeshire coast. Nestled in the Cwm Gwaun valley, this magnificent location will be one one your pilgrims will never want to leave.
  • Day 5 – St. Davidʼs and Early Christianity
    The first stop of the morning will be St. Nonʼs on the coast, the birthplace of St. David, where we will engage in a circular pilgrimʼs walk then venture onto the cliffs above. Porth Clais, the place of Davidʼs baptism is our next port of call and where we will stop for a lunch break. We travel to the heart of Welsh Celtic Christianity: St. Davidʼs. It is one of the most enchanting and evocative destinations in Britain.
  • Day 6 – The Hidden Saint
    After morning prayers our host and expert in Celtic Christianity will greet us. He will answer many questions and share the history of the area with our team. He will also lead us on a magnificent journey in the footsteps of St. Brynach, who brought Christianity to this little valley over 1500ʼs years ago. We will see St. Brynachʼs church, have lunch at one of the oldest pubʼs in Britain, visit the high crosses of Nevern and see the bleeding yew.
  • Day 7 – The Final Hurrah
    An early check-in at the airport will allow you some exploration time in London before departure. It has been an incredible journey and a pilgrimage that has been one of seeking, finding and experiencing God in thin places throughout Wales. But the amazing thing is that you are just beginning a new adventure…

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