Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Mississippi Gulf Coast

"...beautiful beaches and southern hospitality."
  • Mission Opportunity

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has had settlements for thousands of years. Native American, French, English, Spanish, and United States settlers have all called this area home. Biloxi preceded New Orleans as the colonial capitol of New France and is an area known for its beautiful beaches and southern hospitality. Gulfport is the second largest city in Mississippi, and is home to the Seabees of the Naval Atlantic Fleet.

Join us on a Wonder Voyage to this charming region on the Gulf of Mexico. Explore the history; enjoy the beautiful coastal weather and warm, friendly hospitality; and make a difference by serving with local non-profits that serve those in need.


  • Contemplate the nature of tragedy as you visit the memorials from Hurricanes Camillle and Katrina.
  • Visit a local lighthouse and the former home of Jefferson Davis.
  • Cruise along the seashore on a replica oyster schooner.
  • Serve with a ministry that assists the increasing number of street people.
  • Work on a rebuilding project for a local family.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Remember then Choose
    Welcome to the Mississippi Gulf Coast! As the journey begins, our focus is on the Book of Joshua and a core tenet of the faith: free will. God loves humankind and calls them to His heart, but the choice must be made daily to follow and serve Him. Upon arrival in town, we will take a time of remembrance at the Katrina & Camille Memorials. As we remember, may we be moved to choose to serve the Lord this week by serving all those who might cross our paths.
  • Day 2 – Choose to Nurture
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a new movement began, focusing on the correlation between the destruction of environments and the impact of hurricanes. The Hiller Park Renaissance Garden was formed out of this movement. The Garden’s mission is to encourage the nurturing of community through the nurturing of the environment. As we spend the day working on the garden grounds, our hearts are focused on the way God nurtures our own growth
  • Day 3 – Choose to Do For the Least
    This week of encounter, exploration, work, and sacrifice will continue with time dedicated to serving organizations that live out the call to serve the “Least of These” by creating a community of hospitality for immigrants, the poor, the homeless, and the underserved of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As we serve in this community we are reminded that when we choose serve the least, we are making a choice to serve Jesus.
  • Day 4 – Choose to Love
    Like serving, loving is a choice. God asks us to love and serve Him by loving and serving others, even if they may not look, think, or act the way we do. Our final time of loving service today includes a beach picnic for local homeless folks. It will truly be time to practice “loving our neighbor.”.
  • Day 5 – Choose Whose Kingdom You Are Building
    As the week winds down, we will also take some time to play at one of the beautiful beaches nearby. Our week has been centered on our choices… most importantly the choice to love and serve the Lord. When we have the privilege of being builders of the Kingdom, we still must choose whose Kingdom to build. As our time in Biloxi begins to wind down, the day concludes with a time of celebration, reflection, worship, and prayer
  • Day 6 – Choose Today
    As we say our goodbyes to Biloxi, it is the beginning of a new journey. All week we have made the choice to love and serve God. The choice remains as we journey back to our home turf. Will choosing be harder with more distractions? We send you home with the prayer that each day you will continue to choose a life of grace and love that is founded by and centered on Christ.

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