Wonder Voyage Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage is an ancient tradition that has amazing modern ramifications. A pilgrim is one who recognizes that seeking the Creator’s presence is the most adventurous voyage upon which one may embark. Often times, a pilgrim’s journey draws him or her to serve and learn from a people foreign to his or her way of life.

Wonder Voyage pilgrimages are a journey where the aim is to experience the wondrous face of God. The voyage can be anywhere the mind can imagine and the mission one of sacred sacrifice towards others. It is important to note that pilgrimage is more about the attitude and philosophy fostered than the actual trip. With Wonder Voyage, your pilgrimage opportunities are limitless.

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A Wonder Voyage Mission Pilgrimage


Wonder Voyage allows the participant to engage in a living journey where they become part of an unfolding story filled with adventure and mystery.


Wonder Voyage provides opportunities to encounter the Creator in extraordinary ways and unlikely places.


Wonder Voyage takes you beyond the traditional mission trip, educational adventure or pilgrimage
by making space for moments of wonder that will stay with you for a lifetime


Wonder Voyage immerses our participants in a culture through storytelling, engaging history, local cuisine, stirring exploration, and exceptional guides.


Wonder Voyage desires to leave a legacy of sacrificial love and service in the places we visit and in the lives of the pilgrims who travel with us.

Your Wonder Voyage Includes:

Unique and safe lodging.

Whether ancient monasteries, city center hostels, boutique lodges or forest yurts Wonder Voyage secures housing that is culturally unique.

Flexible, personalized itineraries.

Each community that joins one of our trips has a unique DNA and personality that we capture in an itinerary specifically created for that Wonder Voyage.

Cultural immersion experiences on location.

A true traveler explores every place they travel with intense curiosity. With Wonder Voyage, you won't be a tourist. You will be part of the tribe.

Ground transportation outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Once you land, we are there to meet you and transport you safely from place to place.

Consultation months in advance with your guide to help you prepare for your trip.

Your Voyage Guide is an expert in the location you are traveling to with Wonder Voyage. They are working hard to help you prepare months in advance.

Dinner on arrival until breakfast on the day of departure.

Most, but not all, lunches are covered. Every location offers a variety of food that explores the tastes of the region we are visiting. 

An experienced guide who will be on your voyage.

With thousands of hours of trips under their belts, Wonder Voyage Guides are experts in adventure travel, cultural immersion, and community dynamics.

Daily opportunities to encounter the holy.

Holy encounters are the highest level of experience at Wonder Voyage. We make the space necessary to prepare your hearts for the sacred.

At least one high-end adventure or exploration activity.

We look for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are found in the locations you travel to with Wonder Voyage. Exploration is in our blood.

What Sets Wonder Voyage Apart?


Each group that joins a Wonder Voyage has a unique personality and specific spiritual objectives. Our skilled staff assesses your desires and directives, creating an all-inclusive journey that becomes an exceptional and personal experience for your community. You have the opportunity to create a unique itinerary through your own Voyage Director. Flexibility during your voyage allows moments of unexpected wonder and exploration. Imagine, as the leader, enjoying the journey as a participant instead of being burdened with daily details. A personalized journey will set your voyage apart from any other trip you have ever experienced.


We endeavor to respect and celebrate the faith traditions of the communities that join our journeys. Through a commitment to the word of God, the unity of the faith, and a living and passionate Savior, we strive to draw seekers both to the heart of God and to each other. We stand by the creed: Unity in the essentials, Liberty in the non-essentials, and Love in all things. As we venture into new locations, we strive to introduce you to an insider’s view of the culture, and to serve our new “neighbors” by doing the tasks most necessary to aid the local community.


At Wonder Voyage, we endeavor to allow you to experience travel as a privileged insider rather than a turnkey tourist. We combine exotic locations, distinctive housing options, indigenous guides, and regional cuisine, all with open eyes and pilgrims’ hearts. Remarkable occurrences become inevitable parts of the journey. Who knows, maybe you’ll make exploration a habit!


Every Wonder Voyage provides opportunities for transformational experiences we call Encounter Moments. As the author of the universe, God is present and active in unfolding His story to His children. Through cultural experiences, unique locations, engaging storytelling, the discovery of history, and worship opportunities, God meets us face to face. This is the wonder that causes our hearts to awaken to both our Creator and His creation.


The bond that undergirds Wonder Voyage is our passion for a living an active life with Christ. We see God as the Author of Life, and we are a part of that ever-unfolding tale. Serving you on our voyages allows us to worship Christ in an exceptional way.