4 Photo Etiquette Tips For The Traveler

In high school, I had to take an etiquette class where I learned the Fox Trot, how to differentiate between cutleries when dining with royalty, what my seasonal colors were, and how to spend $50,000 on a wardrobe that would be both uncomfortable and look ridiculous. I have yet to use any of those pro tips in my life, but there is a bit of etiquette that I use quite often and it just might benefit you when traveling: Photo Etiquette Tips For The Traveler.


Often, it is possible to take a photo of someone without getting their attention but if that is not possible, ask their permission. This is the polite (and safe) thing to do, especially if children are in the frame.

Money for photos

If someone requests money to pose, just move on. Showing your stash of cash may not be safe.  Plus, at this point, the spontaneity of the photo has been compromised.

When not to use the flash

Flash is usually discouraged at sporting and other type events (although many people ignore the request) because it can be dangerous for the performers. While most flashes are not powerful enough to be beneficial for the photograph from long distances, they are powerful enough to cause spots in the performers’ eyes.  You should also avoid using the flash anywhere it would be disruptive or dangerous, such as a wedding or in a moving car.

Don’t be rude

Many people don’t mind stopping and waiting for you to get that shot before they cross in front of your camera.  But try not to make people wait for you to get that perfect shot, especially at crowded tourist attractions.  Let people pass and take your time to get the shot you want.

These tips may not help if royalty ever invites you to a cotillion ball, but they will help you to avoid an embarrassing photography situation on your next adventure.

Jason was one of the three brave souls to join us on our first pilgrimages to Ireland in 2000, making him the longest standing staff member of Wonder Voyage. Though Jason spearheads the huge responsibility of our web site, his greatest love is the adventure of traveling around the world and serving those who are in need. Jason’s specialty is easing groups into the travel experience.

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