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Sharing the Wealth

Sharing the Wealth

It started as an easy fundraiser suggestion: what if we took a break from flipping pancakes and selling snacks, and simply had our youth pilgrims raise money for their pilgrimages and mission trips the way that adults do?
A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

I was struck by one word that lies at the heart of everything that YWAM Belize does: love. They love the people of their community. They love the youth they serve. They love the partners that come to see their work and be a part of the process.
An Alaskan Wonder Voyage

An Alaskan Wonder Voyage

I like to think of Alaska as a place where wild meets peace. The unique smell when you walk off the plane will lure you to find adventure in both body and spirit. The peaceful sound of the ocean, the cry of eagles, and the stillness of the woods will send you on a pilgrimage of the heart. Are you ready for an Alaskan Wonder Voyage?!

A School Trip as Pilgrimage

By weaving together what they had been learning in class and the essential questions of life in Christ, our students tread a well-worn path set forth by the saints of old, and they saw the face of our risen Lord along the way – not only in the historical artifacts but also in each other.
If You Seek Christ, Together We Will Find Him.

If You Seek Christ, Together We Will Find Him

On pilgrimage with Wonder Voyage, we approach each day with open hearts and minds, and every day is a new adventure and experience in God’s great creation. It is hard to pick a favorite destination Wonder Voyage has taken us to since I have grown closer to God at each one. One thing all of us who have travelled with Wonder Voyage know is, "if you seek Christ, together we will find him."
Why Missions? Three reasons mission trips are vital

Why Missions?

We are on a co-mission with Jesus to impact the world and share the good news. A mission trip can awaken hearts to serve, be the means to recognize the call of God, build lasting relationships, and provide the adventure and excitement your congregation longs for.

Be Still and Know

Just then, the wind picked up and swirled around us, rustling the leaves in the trees, and our hair and clothes. In that moment, we all understood exactly what the Wonder Voyage pilgrim was talking about. We heard, saw, and felt God’s presence among us.

Walking Borders Abbeys Way

The Borders Abbeys Way, located in the Borders of Scotland, is perfect for those who love temperate hiking, relish encountering locals, and for those who can sit amongst an abbey ruin and feel the resonance of the holy.


As I began to reflect with the team on the nature of sacrifice, we were suddenly and boldly interrupted by the piercing cry of a trumpet playing TAPS. Stunned into silence, emotions arose and tears stained our cheeks as the horn’s song echoed in our ears and moved our hearts. Intimately connected, we stood in quiet reflection.