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Travel Touchstones - Earrings

Travel Touchstones: Earrings

Kristy Wendel took her first Adult Journey with Wonder Voyage over a decade ago. Today, she shares the meaning behind the earrings she collects.
Unique Oddities

Travel Touchstones: Unique Oddities

Roy Wallace is a leader in his youth group who has traveled around the world with Wonder Voyage. His collection of oddities are all about remembering the joys of his adventures.

Travel Touchstones: Decorative Boxes

Juanita Boyd is a frequent traveler with Adult Journeys. Today, we continue our Travel Touchstones series with her collection of boxes.

Travel Touchstones: Crosses

This week we share two collections of crosses within the Wonder Voyage Community: Bill Wallace and the Chesser family. Each finds unique symbolism in their touchstones.
Travel Touchstone - Artifacts

Travel Touchstones: Handheld Artifacts

Reverend Nate Bostian is the chaplain of TMI Episcopal. He has traveled with Wonder Voyage for many years and is a master of pilgrimage. He collects unique artifacts as he journeys.
Travel Touchstone - Nativity

Travel Touchstones: Nativities

Reverend R. Casey Shobe is the rector of the Church of Transfiguration in Dallas. He has traveled with Wonder Voyage for years. His travel collection is nativities.
Why We Collect

Travel Touchstones: Why We Collect

Our Travel Touchstone series begins with Brent and Jamie Richardson's massive mug collection. We hope you enjoy the journey through various Wonder Voyage pilgrims' collections over the next few months.
Preparing Now for Future Travel

Wonder Voyage Update: Preparing Now For Future Travel

Though 2020 has brought travel to a halt, Wonder Voyage is working hard to prepare to thrive in the coming years. Check out all that we've been working on.
Accepting The Call - The Next Step in the Journey

Accepting the Call: The Next Step in the Journey

Wonder Voyage Guide Laurel Coote shares her story from joining a pilgrimage to hearing God's voice to how her world was dramatically changed in the years ahead. This inspiring tale is sure to rekindle your spirit as we head into the holiday season of a hectic 2020. This is Part 2 of a two-part series.