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Emprende Global

Emprende Global: A New Kind Of Legacy

Brent Richardson shares his experience with a new kind of Legacy: connecting with small business owners in Honduras.
Legacy NYC - Reconnecting with why we serve

Leaving A Legacy One Project At A Time

Brent Richardson shares how the 2023 New York City trip helped him reconnect with what living a legacy means.
A Belize Legacy- Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

A Belize Legacy: Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

Two Texas churches, Cornerstone in Rowlett and Whitehouse First Assembly,  have partnered with Wonder Voyage Legacy to invest in a small community in Belize for half a decade. Vickie Summers, Cornerstone's Missions Director, has served there five times! This is what she shared about her most recent visit.
Legacy/BE Team

Legacy Kenya: Exciting Ndoto Update

Legacy Voyages is excited to share that we raised funds to purchase two vans for Ndoto in Kenya!
Legacy/BE Team

Legacy Voyage and BE return from Kenya with a huge opportunity for our community

Two branches of Wonder Voyage (Legacy Voyages and Boundless Expeditions) joined forces for an epic Kenyan adventure. They returned with stories, pictures, and an opportunity for the Wonder Voyage community to take part in a new project. If you are looking for an end-of-year project for your tax-deductible gifts, Ndoto is a great candidate.
Kenya is Calling

Kenya is Calling: Legacy and Boundless Expeditions Join Forces

Legacy Voyages is joining forces with Boundless Expeditions to travel to Kenya in November. The team will serve Ndoto before heading for a safari adventure of a lifetime. Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares the details of how you can be a part of this unique opportunity.
Building a Legacy in Honduras

Building a Legacy in Honduras

Wonder Voyage is building a Legacy in Honduras! Check out what our team of advocates experienced and learned as they raised funds for an x-ray machine, traveled to meet the staff at the clinic, and served the community of Comayagua.
Legacy New Orleans- Renovating for Community Renewal

Legacy New Orleans: Renovating for Community Renewal

Wonder Voyage Board Member Michael Fleming shares why his church loves supporting Legacy projects and how these projects add a deeper sense of purpose to their trips.
Big Easy - with a purpose

Big Easy… With A Purpose

Legacy Voyages headed to New Orleans in April to see how their gifts are impacting the area through the YWAM base. While there, the team took in all the sights, sounds, and flavors NOLA has to offer during an unforgettable weekend.
Legacy 2019: A Year Worth Celebrating

Legacy 2019: A Year Worth Celebrating

Legacy has grown by leaps and bounds this year! Check out the amazing updates including the school Legacy is helping to build in Belize.



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