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Back to Travel: Shawn Leads a Team to Montana

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his recent adventure to one of our newest continental US locations: Montana. Ready for a road trip?
Mission Trip or Pilgrimage

Mission Trip or Pilgrimage: A Definition

Short term missions has become big business. Wonder Voyage started twenty years ago because, at the time, a good number of trips through mission organizations were being carried out in ways that were were unnecessary, unethical, and in bad taste. The only pilgrimage offerings, at that time, were from travel agencies that booked a local…
Growing Up Wonder Voyage

Video: Growing Up Wonder Voyage

Many churches return to Wonder Voyage year after year for another epic experience. In this short film, we follow one church as they prepare for their 14th pilgrimage.
Southwest Shrimp & Grits

Recipes From Around The Globe: Southwest Shrimp and Grits

We continue our culinary world tour with a recipe from Molly Wren. If you are craving southern flavors, check out this time-tested recipe for shrimp and grits.
Recipes From Around The Globe: Big Easy Eggs Benedict

Recipes From Around The Globe: Big Easy Eggs Benedict

Wonder Voyage Guide, and trained chef, Chris Larson shares his Big Easy Eggs Benedict inspired by New Orleans.
Moments of Wonder

Video: Moments of Wonder

Wonder Voyage Guide Antonio Duarte shares his testimony and how a moment of wonder changed his life. 
Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl's Shepherds Pie

Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl’s Shepherds Pie

Operations Manager Cheryl Small learned how to make Shepherd's Pie as she catered to Wonder Voyage teams in Ireland. With a few westernized tweaks, this has become a tradition within our community.
The Birth of the Encounter Moment

The Birth of the Encounter Moment

The word Encounter was birthed on Wonder Voyage's maiden trip 20 years ago. This is the story of how Shawn and Michael Fleming coined the term following a divine experience in a mile-long underground tunnel in Ireland.
The Treasure Chest

Video: Treasure Chest

In this short film, Wonder Voyage board member Brent Richardson shares how his love for exploring the unknown started with a treasure chest in his youth.