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Doorkeepers of Wonder

Voyage Guides: Doorkeepers of Wonder

Executive Director Shawn Small shares an often-overlooked story in the Old Testament that serves as the cornerstone of what he looks for in a Wonder Voyage Guide.
Don't Be A Religious Tourist

Don’t Be A Religious Tourist

Becoming religious tourists is a trap a lot of pilgrimage and mission teams fall into. In this post, Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares how he discovered what separates great teams from religious tourists and what he has done to help more teams get more from their trips.
Sublime Moments

Sublime Moments

Executive Director Shawn Small shares how COVID changed the perspective of this summer's pilgrims and equipped them to experience the sublime in a beautiful new way.
Fostering Connections Through Pilgrimage

Fostering Connections Through Pilgrimage

Fostering connections is an essential part of a Wonder Voyage experience. This week, we learn how Wonder Voyage Guide and Board Member Brent Richardson used stories and pass the candle to re-connect a team on a recent pilgrimage in Montana.
Entering the Story - An Essential to Pilgrimage

Entering the Story: An Essential to Pilgrimage

One of the elements that separate a good pilgrimage from a great one is a team's willingness to delve into the story of the location. In this introduction to Narrative Voyages, Executive Director Shawn Small shares why story is so powerful.
Wonder Voyage Elements

Video: Wonder Voyage Elements

Do you know the key elements that separate a Wonder Voyage pilgrimage from other mission trips, field trips, and educational adventures? This video breaks down what makes our trips unique.
Mission Trip or Pilgrimage

Mission Trip or Pilgrimage: A Definition

Short term missions has become big business. Wonder Voyage started twenty years ago because, at the time, a good number of trips through mission organizations were being carried out in ways that were were unnecessary, unethical, and in bad taste. The only pilgrimage offerings, at that time, were from travel agencies that booked a local…
The Prayer That Started Wonder Voyage

The Prayer That Started Wonder Voyage

A frustrating job, a holy hunch, and a passion for travel all worked together to birth Wonder Voyage 20 years ago. This is the story of the prayer that started it all.
Be Still

Video: Be Still

This week, Wonder Voyage Guide Jason Wendel shares the value of taking time to quiet the world's noise and reconnect with God.
Wonder Voyage Launch Year

Launch Year

The first year of Wonder Voyage Adventures was full of what makes this organization unique: relationships, community, and moments of wonder. See how these ingredients worked together to transition the Adventures company into the Wonder Voyage we love today.



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