Away from the Noise

Getting Away from the Noise

Several years ago I traveled with a group that was visiting Ireland with Wonder Voyage. We sailed by ferry to a small island called Inisheer. Separated from Ireland by the Atlantic, Inisheer has managed to maintain its age-old culture and traditions that have long since been forgotten by the mainland. Its landscape is covered in limestone to such a degree that it is known as “pavement.” The air is filled with the scent of sea spray and turf fire and there are few trees as a result of high winds and poor soil depth. Inisheer itself is only 3.1 miles in diameter and has a population of only 250 people. The remoteness of this island made it the perfect escape.

We went to Inisheer to see a 10th century church called Temple Kevin, or “Tiemphall Chaomha.” This church was buried by sand and forgotten for hundreds of years until a storm uncovered it in the 1890’s. Although excavated, the church remains in the ground so that you have to climb down into it to enter. We remained silent as we walked toward the church as the sun began to set over the bay. Each person climbed down into the church and stood along its stone walls. We lit candles and stared up at the moon and stars through the open rooftop as we reflected on our relationship with God.

I felt a sense of stillness and peace that could only be found away from the noise and hustle and bustle of my everyday life. For the first time I truly understood the command, “Be still and know that I am God.” This trip left a lasting impression on me and taught me the importance of regularly taking time to stop, reflect, and listen to God. These opportunities feel more and more rare with each passing day but Wonder Voyage helps you find the time and place to truly be still and discover God.

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