Chronicling Your Trip

Much of what we know of the history of exploration comes from ship logs. Ancient mariners would record the minutiae of daily life in detail. Information such as how far the ship traveled, what the weather and waves were like, what cargo was being transported, what constellation they sailed by, and who was on board was meticulously documented. Hundreds of years later, we can piece together entire expeditions based on these thorough records.

Just as ship logs remind us of the past, chronicling your own journey can help you remember your experiences while traveling. Most people think recording a journey means they must keep a journal but it is so much more than that. It is taking the time to record your story. Your journal is more than just a moment by moment account of what happened – it’s a way to capture your experience – mind, body, and soul. Journaling doesn’t just mean writing, either. You can chronicle your trip by:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Taking pictures
  • Taking video
  • Recording voice memos
  • Buying local items that remind you of the location
  • Keeping brochures, tickets, and other paper memorabilia

Use the form of expression that comes most easily to you. You can even mix these together by filling a journal with images, words, scents, and photographs. At Wonder Voyage, chronicling your trip means taking time to stop, pay attention, absorb, and reflect. We carve out time each evening just for this so that you engage with the journey and soak in every moment. Just as with the old ship logs, your journal will ensure you never forget your voyage.

Coeli Lawhead is the daughter of Shawn Small, founder of Wonder Voyage. Traveling as a child is gave her an insatiable desire to continuing exploring the world. She loves to read and write and currently works as a freelance editor in Dallas, TX.

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