Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Cape Town, South Africa

"...mixes a European influence with a deep African culture."
  • Historical Site
  • Outdoor Adventure

Cape Town is a name that invokes a multitude of descriptors from vastly different perspectives. For world travelers, she is considered a natural beauty who displays herself as a masterpiece of the Creator. Many of her citizens remember the oppressive days of Apartheid, the District forced evacuations, and racism that hung heavy over people of color for centuries. Some in the world look at her as a beacon of social justice through the stories and sacrifices of people like Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

The Wonder Voyage Cape Town adventure is different than any other pilgrimage. This is a voyage where two opposing forces meet to form something completely different. The beauty of the Cape Peninsula is breathtaking but the history of apartheid is an ugly gash in world history. There is vast wealth and desperate poverty. Cape Town, like nowhere else in the world, mixes a European influence with a deep African culture. Seeing the Atlantic and Pacific meet is the perfect metaphor for a Cape Town voyage, where spirit and flesh clash and wrestle. Cape Town is wonderfully complicated which makes her the perfect location for pilgrimage.


  • Walk the labyrinth at St. George’s Cathedral.
  • Sit in silence on the cliffs above Cape Hope.
  • Learn about apartheid from a storyteller who lived under it.
  • Learn how to bring restorative justice to your city.
  • Come face to face with hundreds of African penguins.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Cape Town
    We begin our journey in Cape Town, a city like no other. Our home for the next few days is a religious Retreat House for an organization committed to alleviating poverty and ministering to refugees for over 100 years. This will be a week where we will learn of South Africa’s turbulent past and how reconciliation is now transforming the county. We take time to prepare our hearts for the adventures ahead in the unique setting of St. George’s Cathedral.
  • Day 2 – District
    To understand South Africa we must learn about the black cloud of apartheid that hung over this nation for decades. We start our education at the District 6 Museum which preserves the memories of forced removals, racial segregation, and institutionalized discrimination. This helps frame our pilgrimage and create rich conversation. The afternoon will be spent in the Iziko Museums which focus on the cultural, artistic, and historic perspectives of the country.
  • Day 3 – Cape Peninsula
    Our eyes today are set on the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula as we head south to picturesque, coastal Simonstown. The beautiful beaches of the village are home to a huge colony of African penguins. After a seaside lunch, we head across the Cape and north on the inspiring Chapman’s Peak Drive that skirts the coast and Table Mountain. If the weather is right, we shall ride the gondola to the top of Table Mountain and soak in the bird’s eye view of Cape Town.
  • Day 4 – Mandela
    Nelson Mandela was a man who sacrificed as much as any man could in the fight for human equality. A special guest will share Mandela’s fascinating story. We’ll visit the notorious Robben Island where Mandela was a prisoner for 27 years, and then Pollsmoor Prison where he was held shortly before his release. You will be challenged and educated by a charismatic South African who battled daily for equality and freedom in South Africa.
  • Day 5 – Cape Peninsula
    We will spend the day in the awe-inspiring Cape Point National Park. We’ll begin with a visit to Cape Hope, the meeting points of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. There are several hikes with postcard views along the way. We have several choices, all of them sublime. There are spectacular dunes that will call us to play and animals to find like ostrich, mountain zebra and baboon. Our day will be filled with outdoor delights and our seafood feast will be topped off by a dazzling sunset.
  • Day 6 – Markets and Such
    Our day in Cape Town begins in the market at the Old Biscuit Mill — a vibrant, warm-hearted village where talented people come together to display the heartfelt passion of their craft. Pick your favorite place for lunch and take a few hours to explore Cape Town. We will be pointing you in the direction of the Watershed, a waterfront district with cultural shops and restaurants. We say goodnight to the sun on Signal Hill, overlooking the city and western seas.
  • Day 7 – Safari
    Once in a lifetime everyone should experience an African safari. Today is that day for you. We leave before sun-up and explore until well after sundown as we search for Africa’s “big five” in their natural habitat: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. Get your cameras ready- it’s safari time!
  • Day 8 – Farwell
    Our pilgrims have enjoyed the grandest of adventures. We’ve dived deep into the racial struggles of South Africa and we now turn our eyes homeward, where we still deal with racial struggles. By meeting new friends and spending time with locals, we’ve gone from strangers to being part of a loving family. May the Father of Light continue to illuminate our spirits. May the Son of God walk with us on our new journey. May the Spirit of God immerse us in a love that must be freely given as we continue along the sacred way.

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