Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Israel

"...the city of Jerusalem is at the center of the pilgrimage mindset."
  • Classic Pilgrimage
  • Historical Site

For thousands of years, the region encompassed by the modern day nation of Israel has been a gathering place for many different cultures, customs, ethnic groups, and religious traditions. As a result, the history of the area is one that includes a myriad of triumphs and tragedies, hopes and heartaches, destruction and reconstruction. For the faithful in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions, the city of Jerusalem is at the center of the pilgrimage mindset.

Are you ready to take the challenge to enter the Holy Land? Are you ready to walk the quintessential pilgrimage road along the Via Dolorosa? Join us on a pilgrimage or missions trip that takes you to the very heart of the Christian faith and walk the paths of Jesus, Mary, Paul, and other giants of the faith.


  • Walk the Via Crucis, Jesus’ final journey to the cross.
  • Spend time with the Franciscan brothers who are committed to the Christian faith.
  • Visit amazing locations like the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Absorb the history as you visit locations considered sacred by three major world religions.
  • Sample foods from a plethora of cultures.


There is not an example itinerary for Israel, please contact information@wondervoyage.com for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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$1920* per person
  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.