Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Crete, Greece

"Imagine embarking on an odyssey of your own."
  • Classic Pilgrimage
  • Historical Site

As a child, you inevitably studied the Greek myths, hero tales of old. On the island of Crete, the great city of Knossos grew into a place of commerce and power. This is the location of the great underground labyrinth and its guard the Minotaur. This was one of the islands where Paul sought harbor during his travels through the Mediterranean. Crete is a place of unique history and dramatic landscapes.

It is a world of beauty, twisted bricked streets, archaic towns and breathtaking hikes; it is an extraordinary synthesis of the past and present. One of our favorite locations, the Samaria Gorge, allows you to hike the longest gorge in Europe. Knossos, one of the oldest ruins in the world, allows you to travel back into the world of the ancient Greeks. Imagine dinner, overlooking the sea, at the edge of a historic marketplace. Crete is an adventure that asks us to break down the myths about our faith and secure our spiritual foundation. Join us here for a missions trip or pilgrimage.



  • Join in a time of silence in an ancient church.
  • See the glory of creation in numerous ways.
  • Discover a foundation of faith rather than a cloak of faith.


  • Take a day to hike Europe’s longest canyon, the Samaria Gorge.
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Knossos and see the legacy of king Minos.
  • Eat some of the best food in the world while watching the sunset.


  • Take on an Ecological conservation project.
  • Serve in a local community through a building project.
  • Allow a cultural exchange where you can learn about the depth of the Orthodox faith.


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