Footsteps of St. Francis

"...bring the world’s most beloved saint alive in you."
  • Classic Pilgrimage
  • Historical Site
  • Narrative Voyage

He wept beneath the battered cross in the crumbling church of San Damiano wondering what had become of his life.  Once, the prized child of Assisi, privileged, rich, handsome and the life of every gathering, had come to the end of himself. Nothing that he once prized mattered anymore. Francis spoke allowed to the Lord, “What am I to do?” The answer he received that day changed the world.

Following in the footsteps of St Francis in Italy brings the world’s most beloved saint alive in you. On this journey you will visit the places Francis lived, prayed, preached and served in throughout his mission in and around his beloved Umbria.  You will experience thin places, delicious fare, ancient walls, and majestic monasteries.  Let the life and ministry of St. Francis challenge and change you on your journey with us in Italy.


  • Spend time in contemplation at Francis secret mountain retreat.
  • Pray the hours in a living monastic community.
  • Visit a local farm and enjoy an Italian feast.
  • Do a day bike ride where Francis walked.
  • Work in a monastery to experience a different life.
  • See how modern Franciscans are living out their call.


Starting at
$1695* per person
  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.


Assisi, Italy