Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Jamaica

"...the beautiful people of Jamaica are always ready with open arms and broad smiles."
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

When reggae hit the charts through the lyrics and music of Bob Marley, Jamaica hit the map. Its beaches, mountains and deep red sunsets regularly appear in the sort of tourist brochures that promise paradise. Jamaica is a favored destination for many traveling to the Caribbean.

The tourist veneer gives way when you visit the interior of the island, where many villages are mired in poverty, crime and neglect. Yet, you will find the beautiful people of Jamaica always ready with open arms and broad smiles. Join us as we travel to the mountain villages to touch poverty at its root. By serving with indigenous people in vital work and social projects, our Wonder Voyage teams bring joy. Let your prayers not be in your mouths as much as your actions. Oh yes, you will taste the beauty of Jamaica and maybe even snorkel a bit. Many adventures await this Caribbean delight. Join us on a missions trip or pilgrimage.


  • Take communion in a cathedral cave.
  • Visit a Jamaican congregation that will make you feel like you have heard the choirs of heaven.
  • Go spelunking in a cave and become a real Goonie!
  • Snorkel one of the many reefs and find yourself surrounded by hundreds of stunning fish.
  • Serve in an orphanage through play, prayers, and hard work.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Jamdung
    Welcome to Jamdung. (Welcome to Jamaica). This morning you will jump on a bus and head to a beautiful retreat centre in the interior of the island. But on the way we will stop at Rose Hall Great House and see what old English Jamaica looked like. Tonight, after we settle in, we’ll talk about how God uses pilgrimage to change our hearts. Get ready for a week of fun and a week of heart change.
  • Day 2 – Dung di Riva
    Let’s time travel into Jamaica’s past. We’ll start in Rio Bueno, the place where Columbus first set foot in Jamaica on May 4, 1494. Then we will visit the 18th century ruins of Fort Dundas. Not many years after Columbus, slavery became part and parcel of the island. In Duncans we’ll visit Kettering Baptist Church to commemorate William Knibb, a Baptist missionary and abolitionist who founded an emancipation village for free slaves here. Then we’ll raft down a river on bamboo rafts. Today we will, metaphorically and literally, go dung di riva.
  • Day 3 – Di Least of Dem Yah
    Our service project this morning will be the building of bunk beds at a new orphanage that will service the local area. There is a great need here for a safe place for children in need. In the afternoon we head to the lively Browntown market and do some stone soup shopping. Tonight we will focus on what it means to serve di least of dem yah (the least of these) in a place like Jamaica and in our own hometown.
  • Day 4 – Di VBS Effect
    Our big day begins with a chance to bring hope, love and laughter to a large group of children. Let’s see what happens with di VBS effect. Get ready for games, treats, Bible stories, and sports for a hundred kids who will be looking to you for a day of joy. This is a day of smiles you’ll never forget.
  • Day 5 – Guh to da Church
    Time for a Jamaican Sabbath. We will visit the local church that we’ve been working with during the week and enjoy the Sunday morning service. After church we will throw a party called the Kid’s Jamboree. More games. More food. More laughter. We’ll spend the afternoon back at the retreat centre to relax and focus on what is happening in our hearts.
  • Day 6 – Flyin’ Lacka Bud
    Our last full day on this side of Jamaica will be filled with activity. In the morning we will climb and swim in the famous Dunn River Falls. After our time in the water we will be flyin’ lacka bud as we zipline through the jungle and get a perspective from the air. Our last night at the retreat centre will be one of focused fun as we pass the candle and share how our perspectives have changed since coming to this island nation.
  • Day 7 – Swimmin’ Lacka Fish
    We are moving to Montego Bay for the next couple of days to celebrate our time in Jamaica. After we check into our hotel we will hit the beach where you will be swimmin’ lacka fish. After some fun in the sun and a bit of snorkeling we’ll let you have a couple hours of shopping and wandering the town. Tonight’s celebration dinner will be outta sight. Can you say seafood surprise?
  • Day 8 – Sayin’ Inna Di Morrows
    You have had some incredible days in this tiny Caribbean island nation. After a week of serving, exploring, adventuring, contemplating and seeking Christ, you are sure to have many stories to tell family and friends when you return home. May this be the end of one pilgrimage and the beginning of another. Sayin’ inna di Morrows!

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