Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Nicaragua

"Vast lakes, active volcanoes, the Mosquito Coast - beautiful landscapes are never far away."
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

Though it is the size of the State of New York, the country of Nicaragua seems as expansive as any country could be. With vast lakes, active volcanoes, the Mosquito Coast, and the Selva Negra, beautiful landscapes are never far away, and the songs of the mountain forests seem to sing the eerie laments of a once proud people.

As you land in Managua, you will notice the brown haze that hangs over Lake Managua. The lake is biologically dead, a victim of a century of industrial dumping. Man has laid waste to the environment and the people of Nicaragua. Though the nation is currently at peace, years of war between the Contras and Sandinistas have broken something in the populace. Adding insult to injury, Hurricane Mitch destroyed over 70% of the infrastructure of the country. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. She is a nation slowly healing and asking for aid. Consider taking a missions trip or pilgrimage of mercy to this tiny nation with colossal needs.


  • Enter a rain forest and discover a colony of howler moneys.
  • Take a horseback ride through a 150-year-old coffee plantation, up mountain paths and through an active jungle.
  • Visit a mountain hide away modeled after a lakeside German village.
  • Find a church in a distant community. Repair and remodel it leaving a legacy behind.
  • Serve in an orphanage through play, prayers and hard work.


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