Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Macedonia

"...Macedonia is a destination bursting with untold stories..."
  • Classic Pilgrimage
  • Historical Site
  • Outdoor Adventure

At first you might think that this small country, which you most likely heard in Sunday School, is a blip on the map. What you will soon learn is that Macedonia is a destination bursting with untold stories and exploration not common in today’s travel savvy world. Though thoroughly modern, Macedonia is a hidden gem containing world and biblical history, a rich local culture and beautiful scenery.

Once the crossroads of antiquity, Macedonia clings to a past filled with both triumph and invasion. Faith remains a serious component of daily life in Macedonia and you see that faith in the hospitality and vibrancy of her people. Traveling to Macedonia is a rare opportunity to experience an interesting location before the doors of tourism are opened to the world. How much longer it lasts is anyone’s guess.


  • Stand in reverence in a Macedonian Orthodox service.
  • Dive into the mystery of the holy art of iconography.
  • Learn the Macedonian art of cooking.
  • Visit the birth memorial of Mother Theresa.
  • Soak in an ancient thermal bath used by Roman soldiers.


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