Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Rio Grande Valley, Texas

"...experience of an international journey while remaining in the U.S."
  • Mission Opportunity

The Rio Grande River begins in south central Colorado and flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The river forms the 1200-mile border between Texas and Mexico. The complex intertwining of Latin and Anglo cultures is evident in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. While separated by the river from their sister cities in Mexico, the towns in the Valley reflect a hybrid of two nations, two cultures, and two socio-economic systems.

A Wonder Voyage to the Rio Grande Valley gives you the experience of an international journey while remaining in the U.S. Opportunities abound for both meaningful service and multi-cultural education. If the focus of your journey is to love your neighbor, a Wonder Voyage to the Rio Grande Valley is just the ticket.


  • Worship with sisters and brothers at a Spanish speaking church.
  • Spend time in prayer at an ancient Spanish Mission.
  • Watch dolphins on an eco-cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Splash in the waves at one of Texas’ most beautiful beaches.
  • Help refurbish a home in one of the Colonias along the river.
  • Serve a local center that helps refugees in the resettlement process.


There is not an example itinerary for Rio Grande Valley, Texas, please contact [email protected] for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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