The Way of Pilgrimage

"Pilgrimage is a journey involving your whole being: mind, heart, soul, and feet."
  • Narrative Voyage

A pilgrimage is more than mere travel to a destination. Pilgrimage is a journey involving your whole being: mind, heart, soul, and feet. Each day is a unique opportunity to encounter God, experience wonder, build community, and undergo transformation.

A Wonder Voyage “Way of Pilgrimage” voyage or 3-Day Pilgrimage is available in any of our locations worldwide. Each pilgrim is encouraged to participate in a living story that God is writing. Like a canvas waiting for splashes of color to give it depth and dimension, your pilgrimage awaits the brilliance that wonder brings. For participants willing to allow their curiosity to take the lead, the Way of Pilgrimage can lead to encounters with God that anchor permanently in their hearts. As the daily voyage unfolds, a specific thematic element will be examined to bring the cornerstones of pilgrimage to any location. The Way of Pilgrimage narrative is a fantastic way to open one’s eyes to lifetime encounter with the holy or the perfect retreat for teams to prepare for an upcoming pilgrimage.


  • Hike in a beautiful location and consider what it means to take intentional steps in a life of faith
  • Experience moments of transformation when you take the time to pay attention to the presence of wonder
  • Meet the members of a local community and experience what it means to be on a community quest
  • Hear the unusual stories of a location while being part of the story that God is writing
  • Engage in “practical worship” by using your hands and feet in the service of others.


There is not an example itinerary for The Way of Pilgrimage, please contact for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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