Walk the Walk

"Faith is movement. Obedience is a walk."
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At the confluence of the Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers, sits a tiny town packed with American history. Harpers Ferry has been the site of some major events in our nation’s struggle to abolish slavery. To walk through this town is to walk in the steps of figures like John Brown and Meriwether Lewis. Jesus invites us on a walk when he says, “Follow me.” Every step we take is a step forward or backwards. Faith is movement. Obedience is a walk.

During our Walk the Walk pilgrimage we will relive the tale of John Brown’s raid and ask what it means to be a people of just action. As we explore the midsection of the Appalachian Trail we will learn to serve one another with compassion and delivering faith with our hands. Group campfires and hiking adventures will highlight what community means. On a long walk together, we will explore how to rely on each other in our times of weakness and what it is like to walk in the shoes of another. Your themed pilgrimage in Harper’s Ferry will be a walk your group will never forget.


  • Follow the trail markers along the Appalachian Trail
  • Share love with our neighbors in need or help rebuild a section of the AT
  • Experience the stories and legends of the pivotal players in our nation’s past
  • Work as a team to complete a challenge course overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • See where Thomas Jefferson called “one of the most stupendous scenes in nature”


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Harper's Ferry