Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to A Civil Rights Journey

"...follow the stories of those who marched, protested, and died in the struggle..."
  • Narrative Voyage

“Freedom” and “equality” are words used throughout the foundational documents and anthems of our nation. On the surface, every person in the US should have the same access to resources and opportunities to build a fruitful life. The reality is harsher than the ideal. For centuries, people of color have faced obstacles, challenges, injustices, and brutalities because of their skin color or nation of origin. Recent times have highlighted the 400-year-old struggle of racism and inequality in America. To make Dr. Martin Luther King’s “dream” a reality, we must educate ourselves about the past and dedicate ourselves to work towards the freedom and equality we’ve shouted about since our country’s inception.

A Wonder Voyage Civil Rights Pilgrimage leads you through Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Memphis. The journey follows the stories of those who marched, protested, and died in the struggle to shine light upon the inequalities and injustices in the land where all are “created equal.” Each day adds a new layer of understanding and perspective to current conversations about privilege and prejudice. Join Wonder Voyage on the road to freedom and develop the knowledge to be part of the solution.



  • Learn the fundamentals of Human Rights and Civil Rights.
  • Engage in difficult conversations about modern forms of discrimination.
  • Walk in the footsteps of those who took the Civil Rights struggle to the streets.
  • Consider the importance of using your voice through exercising the right to vote.
  • Hear stories of heroism and sacrifice at the National Civil Rights Museum.


Starting at
$705* per person
  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.