Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Washington, D.C.

"...experience things that will have a lifetime impact."
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Compared to cities in Europe, Washington, DC is relatively young at just over 200 years old. The ideals upon which our nation and its capital were founded here: liberty, equality, and justice. From the historic monuments, to the seats of government, to the ethnic neighborhoods, this city has something for everyone.

A Washington, D.C. missions trip or pilgrimage is one that will challenge the whole person. The intellect, the senses, the heart, and the soul will experience things that will have a lifetime impact. See the city from the eyes of a pauper as well as a pilgrim, a patriot as well as a prince. Experience all of the elements that contribute to making this an remarkable city that is the heart of an incredible nation.


  • Experience the inspiring worship at America’s Church: the National Cathedral.
  • Walk the Stations of the Cross on the beautifully serene grounds of the Franciscan Monastery.
  • Ponder the depths of evil and the triumph of the human soul at the Holocaust National Memorial.
  • Indulge your penchant for art, history, or science at one of the Smithsonian Museums.
  • Serve the National Parks Service with a work project on the National Mall.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 ­- The Heart of a Nation
    Welcome to our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. When it comes to displaying the heart of a nation, few capital cities compare. More than just the seat of our national government, Washington, DC is the center of diplomacy, advocacy, and our shared cultural memories. We will arrive, settle in, and prepare for a week of cultural immersion and encounters with God.
  • Day 2 -­ In Remembrance of Me
    What better place to honor the Lord’s Day than at the National Cathedral. Officially called the Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, the National Cathedral is the seat of both the Bishop of Washington DC and the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA. In the afternoon, we will take in all creatures, great and small, with a visit to the National Zoo. Every evening we will set aside time to pray, journal, and discuss our day.
  • Day 3 – Independence, Ingenuity, and Sacrifice
    At the heart of the word ‘community’ is a root that means ‘something shared.’ Our journey today will focus on some the elements of our shared national identity. While our country is made up of many different tribes and tongues, there are certain things that we tend to have in common. Independent spirits, ingenuity and drive, and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good are some characteristics that have been important in this nation’s history. We will keep these things in mind and heart today as we visit Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian, and the Washington Monument.
  • Day 4 -­ Lives Closely Linked With Ours
    Our day begins with an opportunity to serve and worship with the street ministry of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. As we spend time with our struggling brothers and sisters, let us remember that although we live in a prosperous nation, not all prosper, and they are our sacred responsibility. We will have some time to see the three branches of government at the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court Buildings. As we wind down the day, may it be with thoughts of how closely intertwined our lives are with those of our fellow men.
  • Day 5 ­- Remember So As Not To Repeat
    The story of mankind includes many chapters we would prefer to ignore, deny, or forget. To do any of these things, however, might doom us to repeat them. Our journey today is one of remembrance. We will reflect on the horrors of the Holocaust, of the sacrifices and sorrows of war, and of the lives of some of our nation’s greatest visionaries, thinkers, and leaders. May we take these stories to heart as we strive to love and serve in this global community.
  • Day 6 – A Star–Spangled Life
    Today we will brave the crowds as we wander the National Mall. We will have a picnic lunch and explore the area. A paddleboat race in the tidal basin will cool us off in the afternoon. Throughout the day the pilgrims will be encouraged to ponder and discuss the things that make this country unique as well as the gifts that make them unique in the world.
  • Day 7 ­- Spiritual Heart
    Our final day brings us back to the beginning…the National Cathedral. We will celebrate the Eucharist in one of the nation’s most prominent churches. We might also have an opportunity to visit the Gospel Mass at St. Augustine: DC’s oldest African American Catholic Church. The afternoon will afford us time so see some final sights and do some last minute shopping before we gather for a celebration meal and a final time of worship and prayer.
  • Day 8 ­- Our Hearts Remain
    We depart Washington, DC with a new understanding that there is something sacred in community. We have explored the very heart of our nation­ what we believe, what we remember, and what we hold dear. As we return home, let us do so with a desire to put to use the lessons we lived here on pilgrimage.

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