A Belize Legacy: Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

Two Texas churches, Cornerstone in Rowlett and Whitehouse First Assembly,  have partnered with Wonder Voyage Legacy to invest in a small community in Belize for half a decade. Vickie Summers, Cornerstone’s Missions Director, has served there five times! This is what she shared about her most recent visit.


Our recent return trip to Belize was amazing, as usual. You may ask why we continue to return to the same location to serve the same people. That first year we encountered people with true servant hearts who had left everything they knew behind and traveled to where God had called them. Their vision for the community in which they live – which they shared with us – became our vision.

Why the draw to Belize?

Education beyond the eighth grade is very hard to obtain in Belize. This can be due to the expense and/or the travel required to reach a school. We have watched and been part of Grace Instrument Christian Academy’s growth from a slab in a field into a fine high school. This year the school had its second graduating class! It was an honor and privilege to attend this year’s graduation. I was so impressed with the students and so thankful for the opportunity to be involved in such a worthwhile and fruitful project.

The dream for the future

There are plans and dreams to add vocational training facilities which will impact the lives of students in tremendous ways and also provide income-generating activities to support the school. This will allow more disadvantaged students to attend and achieve a very sought-after high school graduation certificate and an improved life.

Vacation Bible School in Spanish Lookout

Beautiful Belize is such a joy to visit! Over the years that our team has traveled to Belize, we have been involved in many different activities and projects. This year we stayed in Spanish Lookout, a nice area in a Mennonite community. It was beautiful and peaceful. Just a short drive down the road and we were in Georgeville, a poverty-stricken area where the people are in great need. We have worked in this area for several years and held an incredible VBS with so many children in attendance! Many remembered us and were so grateful and happy that we had returned. It’s the relationship we have formed with so many that keep us coming back, along with the opportunity to make a tangible difference.

Hope for the future

While doing house-to-house visits this year, I realized that so many seem stuck where they are. They may long for a better life but lack the ability to break free. Do they dare dream that life could be different for their children?

Whether it was the child who told me she hadn’t eaten all day and kept asking when lunch would arrive or those children who took part of their meal home to share with their family, I do dream and believe that life can and will be different for them. There is hope!

We will continue to support the local church that provides meals, encouragement, and help for the children and their families. I will continue to return to beautiful Belize as often as we are able. Belize has my heart forever.

I currently serve as missions director at Cornerstone Church in Rowlett, Texas, having served with various missions ministries throughout the years. My passion is to know Jesus more and serve Him to the best of my ability. I love meeting people around the world through the lens of missions.

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