A Simple Walk

Off of the western wilds of Ireland, the magnificent Cliffs of Moher look toward the Atlantic. For ages Irish monks came to this lonely spot to pray and wait for the coming kingdom. I led the pilgrims from Christ Episcopal to this precipice to give them the opportunity to soak in the beauty and reflect. This was the response of one of the pilgrims:

“Today our group began our hike to the Cliffs of Moher. We started out on a gravel road and after awhile we turned onto a grassy trail that led us along the cliff edge. The views where pretty awesome. As we walked, the cliffs grew higher and higher above the sea below. Our view morphed into one which became more and more spectacular. We were hiking on the edge of 800 ft cliffs, seeing panoramic views of the Irish sea along with the rolling hills of the Irish countryside. No one could stop talking about the beauty of what we were seeing. Many of us agreed that this was one of the best experiences of our lives. The freedom and peace you felt on those cliffs knowing that you were witnessing one of the most beautiful and spectacular vistas is an experience that can’t be described with words. It is truly a feeling of wonder and awe at the natural beauty of God’s creation.”

A simple walk followed by an invitation to reflect became a life-changing experience for these pilgrims. Stopping the rush of daily life to take time away to pray, think, and imagine the life God intended for you opens your eyes to wonder. This is the true heart of pilgrimage. It postures you for growth, discovery, and a change of perspective. It is marked by moments of wonder, exploration, and encounters with our savior. Pilgrimage allows you to find the thin places where heaven and earth seem to collide.

Each year I am given the opportunity to lead groups to amazing places and show them the wonder God has set before them. This is a great gift and one I love doing. Should you like to experience a pilgrimage full of wonder, join me on a wonder voyage.

Ken brings his 25+ years of business and pastoral experience to the Wonder Voyage team. His passion is missions, leadership development, and team-based ministry. He serves to steward the dreams of individuals and organizations. Ken is both a Voyage Director and a long-standing board member.

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