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Wonder Voyage Director: A Definition

Wonder Voyage Director: A Definition

Designing, planning, and implementing an entire mission trip or pilgrimage can be daunting, especially when you’re the one leading a group. Having someone to guide you through the process can make all the difference. This is where Wonder Voyage directors excel. We are not tour guides. We are cultural guides. Although we are in charge…
Transformed by Pilgrimage

Transformed by Pilgrimage

I once led a team from Bethesda, Maryland to Nova Scotia on pilgrimage. Shortly after returning home, their reverend shared this response with the parish about their journey: “Last Tuesday, the St. Luke’s pilgrims arrived home safely. Our time in Nova Scotia changed us as individuals and as a community. We can tell you what…
The Way You’ve Longed to Travel

The Way You’ve Longed to Travel

Have you ever booked a trip through a tour, pilgrimage or mission organization hoping for adventure, only to find yourself shuffling from location to location without taking in your surroundings? You end up in lackluster housing, eating familiar food, never really immersing yourself in the local culture. When you arrive back home you wonder if…
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Tell Us

Most of us travel with some level of expectation about how our trip will go especially if it is with an organization that has planned the trip for you or your group. It’s easy to feel disappointed or frustrated when those expectations fall short. At Wonder Voyage, we have a solution to avoid this frustration…
Destination Scotland

Destination: Scotland

Scotland is a land drenched in myth, magic, and mystery. It’s full of tales of saints and sinners, heroes and scoundrels, royalty and poverty, and the Loch Ness monster. Thousands of years of history have sculpted this intriguing country, calling travelers from around to world to come to its shores. From the highlands to the…
Prescriptions for Culture Shock

Prescriptions for Culture Shock

Traveling somewhere completely different from what you are used to can be a jolt to the mind and emotions. Even if you are traveling somewhere where the people speak the same language as you, their way of life can be drastically different from anything you have ever known. Although culture shock is disorienting, it is…
Do You Want a Pilgrimage or a Vacation?

Do You Want a Pilgrimage or a Vacation?

It was one of the most awkward trips of the summer for one of our voyage directors. He was going to lead a team on pilgrimage in Colorado. The leader of the team had agreed that the focus of the journey would be on recognizing God’s unfathomable love through the beauty of His creation. Our…
Destination: Ireland

Destination: Ireland

In 2000, Wonder Voyage chose Ireland as its first international destination. Twenty years later, the misty Emerald Isle is now our most extensively explored location and one of which we never tire. Ireland has a way of feeling like home, especially since so many of us have roots that that lead back to her shores.…
Chronicling Your Trip - Wonder Voyage Travel Tips

Chronicling Your Trip

Much of what we know of the history of exploration comes from ship logs. Ancient mariners would record the minutiae of daily life in detail. Information such as how far the ship traveled, what the weather and waves were like, what cargo was being transported, what constellation they sailed by, and who was on board…