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Emprende Global

I want you to think about some of the successes you’ve had in your life. Go ahead; I’ll give you a minute. 

Now, I want you to think about the lessons you had to learn before you could achieve that success. Were they painful? 

There’s a Honduran version of you that’s about to make the exact same mistakes and learn the same lessons the hard way. What if I could connect you with them and give you the most personally rewarding experience you’ll have all year?

Legacy Honduras 2023

Last week, I was given this opportunity thanks to the fantastic folks at Emprende Global. Emprende focuses on making a lasting economic impact from the inside out by growing successful entrepreneurs in Central America.  

In my case, the younger version of me didn’t value things like networking, how to resolve conflict, or how storytelling could be used to impact my career. And yet, each of those has been critical learnings that have enabled my success. I was allowed to lead training sessions for each of these at this year’s Emprende Honduras conference. Over and over, I had entrepreneurs come up to me afterward to share things like “I’d never thought about that” and “I need to really think about this more.”

To date, most of the Legacy projects in Latin America have been around single-point needs: finishing a school, adding infrastructure to enable capability in a hospital, etc. Those are great projects in their own right, and I’ll continue to pursue them. But this trip has me thinking… if I invest in new business leaders in these locations and look back ten years from now, what kind of legacy will I see? If that excites you, we should talk. I’d love to connect you with the other version of yourself that needs your wisdom!

Brent started his journey with Wonder Voyage while serving as a youth minister on a trip with his church. He now leads summer trips while working full time in the corporate world. As a board member and voyage director, Brent always encourages us to seek adventure, take risks and become a part of a good story.


  1. Avatar RozeLee Rugh on November 17, 2023 at 7:47 am

    I agree. This was an incredibly amazing experience. Come join us and see how a little bit of involvement on your part will change many lives and hopefully a whole country. It might seem like a dream but your involvement can make it come true.

  2. Avatar Juanita Boyd on November 17, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    Love this! Maybe Walter and I can join in a future opportunity! Thanks for sharing about your trip to Honduras!

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