Essential Packing List For Your Hiking Pilgrimage

Whether it’s a rash from ill-fitting clothes, blisters from bad shoes, or misery from forgetting a rain poncho, many lessons on the hiking trail are learned the hard way. Several of our Directors brainstormed their must-haves for any hiking pilgrimage. Before you zip up your backpack, double-check their list.

Well Loved Boots

Quality hiking boots are essential to your success on a long hike. But no matter the price tag, all boots should be broken in prior to your journey. Wear the same socks you will use while hiking to get your feet adjusted to what will be caressing them for hours on end.

Enough Quality Socks

As important as boots are, it takes two for your feet to tango. Pack a fresh pair of quality hiking socks for every day of the journey. This isn’t just about the odor; it’s about avoiding putting the sweat and dirt that the socks absorb back on clean face for additional use. It’s worth the splurge to have good quality, wool socks for each day of the trip.

Breathable shoes

After a shower, tired feet don’t want to get back into hiking boots. Instead, have a pair of breathable sandals available to give your toes a break. Tevas are a go-to of many Voyage Directors.

Blister treatment

Even when your shoes are broken in, a blister will occasionally pop up. Have some blister care at the ready. If you notice a blister but didn’t pack any treatment, talk to your Director rather than toughing it out. Blisters developing blisters on top of themselves are cringe-worthy.

Sprays, creams, and sticks

Depending upon the location of your hike, remember that bug spray, sunscreen, and chapstick may be needed. In addition, if your thighs tend to rub when you walk, consider Body Glide to help with chaffing.

Other considerations

Before leaving for your trip, consider your hiking environment.

  • Do you need shorts or pants? Make sure either is breathable.
  • Do you need a poncho for the unexpected rain?
  • Is your water bottle large enough to carry enough water, but small enough to be portable?
  • Are there a lot of hills? If so, consider bringing a collapsible walking stick.
  • And a travel journal. Never underestimate the value of writing down your thoughts and reflections at the end of the day so you can relive the experience for years to come.

Your hiking pilgrimage is sure to be a memorable journey, but proper preparation helps make sure the memories are of views and encounters rather than chaffing, blisters, and sunburns.

Did we leave something off the must-have list for hiking? Comment below.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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