Jamie Richardson

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

Growing Up Wonder Voyage
Video: Growing Up Wonder Voyage
St. Nicholas Church has been out on mission trips with Wonder Voyage for the last 14 years. In this short film, Meera, reminisces about her five Wonder Voyage adventures that she took each year from age 13 to 18. https://vimeo.com/451921439
Moments of Wonder
Video: Moments of Wonder
At Wonder Voyage, we stand as doorkeepers to wonder. If you are willing to take the risk, to open your heart to a holy mystery, to respond to the moments that invite you to something beyond you, beyond the mediocrity, beyond circumstance, then you might ...
The Birth of the Encounter Moment
The Birth of the Encounter Moment
Wonder Voyage specializes in removing people from their routine and inviting them into quiet places where they can connect with God. Our pilgrims unplug from distractions, travel to a unique location, and become immersed in the culture through practices like storytelling, journaling and exploring. When ...
The Treasure Chest
Video: Treasure Chest
For Wonder Voyage board member Brent Richardson, the love of finding treasure in the unknown started when he was young. Here's the story of where his passion for exploration started. https://vimeo.com/438580173
Alligators, A Snapping Turtle, And The Never Again Swamp Tour
Alligators, A Snapping Turtle, And The “Never Again” Swamp Tour
Wonder Voyage is known for the off-the-beaten-path adventures we offer our teams. But there is really only one way to find those adventures… someone has to be the guinea pig. In the early years of the organization, that opportunity was once given to Michael Fleming ...
The Prayer That Started Wonder Voyage
The Prayer That Started Wonder Voyage
2019 marked the 20th anniversary of Wonder Voyage. To help celebrate, we will look at the history, traditions, and people who built this organization into the success it is today. Like any great story, we start our journey with the people at the heart of ...
Be Still
Video: Be Still
When was the last time you were still, quiet, and totally in-tune with God? This film, highlighting Guide Jason Wendel, shares Wonder Voyage's desire to help everyone make time to be still and know God. https://vimeo.com/425270432
Wonder Voyage Launch Year
Launch Year
Last month we looked at the prayer that started Wonder Voyage. Now we trek through the maiden year of Shawn and Cheryl Small’s new venture through the lenses of three elements that set Wonder Voyage apart from every other organization in the world: relationships, community, ...
The Future of Wonder Voyage After COVID-19
Update: The Future of Wonder Voyage After COVID-19
Like most of us, I have spent the last several months wondering about some of my favorite businesses and non-profits. How can I best support them? Will the voices that I'm familiar with still be there when I call? Will they survive COVID-19? For me, ...
Wonder Voyage and the Future of Travel
Video: The Future of Travel
Travel opens the door of wonder. It invites pilgrims to experience people, cultures, and ideas that are bigger than our own. COVID-19 has temporarily grounded us, but that longing to "go" is starting to boil to the surface in many of us. While we grow ...