Jesus Fell

A few years ago, I was blessed to take a group of college students to Ireland with Wonder Voyage. An experience we had there changed my life in significant ways. And not just my life, but the lives of many of my students as well. It happened at a monastery.

One evening we walked through a beautiful presentation of the Stations of the Cross. At each station, a student was assigned the task of sharing a reflection about that particular part of Christ’s journey to the cross. For as long as I live, I will never forget one of my students sharing about when Jesus fell. She had been handicapped by a strange virus during her early teen years. It affected her nervous system, which in turn affected the muscles in her arms and legs. Walking was a real struggle for her. She spoke of how grateful she was to serve a Savior who knew exactly what it felt like to fall in front of a group of people and the feeling of weakness and vulnerability. We were all in tears as she talked about the strength she drew from that truth.

She actually returned to Ireland a few years later to work with one of the ministries we had partnered with on the trip. Her disability did not keep her from serving enthusiastically and faithfully in Ireland for many years, any more than Christ’s suffering kept him from the cross. We learned how to have the courage to live uncommon lives on our Wonder Voyage. I wonder what amazing gifts God will choose to give to you on yours.

I am currently the Pastor of Stonebridge Fellowship and the Executive Director of Student Services at Wayland Baptist University. I have an amazing wife (Amy) and two stunningly beautiful daughters (they look like their Mom).

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