Greenspace – Urban Ecology

"...a learning experience that will change the way you see our planet"
  • 3 Day Pilgrimage
  • Narrative Voyage

Major cities are often referred to as “concrete jungles.” Forests and meadows have been replaced by skyscrapers and parking lots. The rivers and streams which were the original life source of early settlements have been polluted and neglected. Green spaces that sustain life are gone in many cases. With global concerns over climate change and habitat loss, many cities are determined to slow the effects of urbanization with a renewed focus on ecology.

These narrative pilgrimages center on urban ecology – the way the natural world relates to a densely populated environment. From the importance of a healthy watershed, to the oxygen-replenishing capability of green spaces, to the rising field of urban agriculture, each day focuses on facets unique to the urban landscape. As we begin to understand the nuances of these things, we can better understand our role in protecting and preserving limited resources as well as reversing the destructive effects of the old ways of doing things. Join us for a learning experience that will change the way you see our planet.


  • Discover the importance of a healthy watershed in the largest urban forest in the U.S.
  • Take a moonlight kayak excursion down the Trinity River
  • Hike the trails at a local nature preserve
  • Learn about the challenges and rewards of urban agriculture
  • Volunteer with an urban organization dedicated to preserving healthy ecosystem

3 Day Pilgrimage Option


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  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.


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