Agents for Change

"You will be moved by the stories of these heroic leaders..."
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In our history as a nation, we have made incredible strides towards lasting change, but we still have a ways to go. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia was the location for a catalyst event that spurred on the American Civil War – the raid led by John Brown. Our voyage to Harper’s Ferry follows the story of this raid, major battles of the Civil War, and to the hallowed grounds where Lincoln gave his Emancipation Proclamation. As we struggle, more than 150 years later, to bring these words to pass in America, we hope to learn from the lessons of the past so we might be agents of change for the future.

Our Agents of Change pilgrimage packs the most inspiring stories of men and women who made a difference through a spiritual experience unlike any other. Your team will be moved by the stories of these heroic leaders and challenged to identify and combat the injustices that face your community and country today. Our retreat is designed to encourage your team to practice persistence, set a vision, and show empathy as agents of change for our future.


  • Trace the steps of the John Brown’s raid from plot to attack
  • Get a visual of the historic sites of pivotal battles of the American Civil War
  • Feel what it is like to walk the Appalachian Trail
  • Work to preserve history with a volunteer project or help rebuild a section of the AT
  • See where Thomas Jefferson called “one of the most stupendous scenes in nature”


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Harper's Ferry