Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Atlanta, Georgia

"Atlanta will take you by surprise."
  • Mission Opportunity

Atlanta is the sort of city that takes you by surprise. We know Atlanta today as one of the South’s grand cities of commerce, industry and entertainment. Did you know that Atlanta once burned to the ground? Or that its one of the few cities in the US with professional companies in opera, ballet, symphony and theatre? Or how about the fact that Atlanta is now one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States?

A missions trip or pilgrimage to Atlanta will let you experience the multifaceted nature of the city for yourself. We travel there with the idea that there’s always something more to see, something we didn’t see before. And Atlanta continues to amaze us. Join us as we travel to Atlanta, to see, experience, and serve.


  • Ponder the importance of sacrifice as you hear stories about the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Enjoy a picnic at Stone Mountain and then catch a laser show.
  • Drink more soda than any human being should at World of Coke.
  • Work to clean up and restore one of the city’s older neighborhoods.
  • Prepare and serve meals at a homeless shelter.


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