The Koinonia Experience

"embrace the idea communion, both with each other and with the Lord."
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Washington D.C. sits at the heart of America. Our national monuments and museums help us unfold the tale of our country–victories and violations, patriotism and pioneers, democracy and despair. Washington D.C. is the place our leaders gather to decide our future, to find hope in hard times, and to seek communal wisdom as challenges present themselves throughout the world. This great American experiment is at its best when we embrace the idea of koinonia, or communion, both with each other and with the Lord.

During our Koinonia Experience pilgrimage, we will walk amongst monuments telling the stories of our nation’s past while reflecting on the sacrifices others have made to bring us freedom. Our time in a local monastery will aid us in our reflection of what it means to live in common unity. We will gather at the Lord’s table to unify our hearts with God and each other. A Wonder Voyage retreat to D.C. reminds us of those who served and sacrificed for humanity while challenging us to love our neighbors as ourselves through service. In unity, we become one in Christ.


  • Celebrate a private Pilgrim’s Eucharist in the National Cathedral.
  • Practice the way of the pilgrim in shrines of peace hidden throughout the city.
  • Learn from the stories of our Nation’s sacrificial heroes.
  • Work together to prepare a memorable meal.
  • Discover practical ways to pass the peace to neighbors in need around the table.


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Washington, D.C.