Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Galveston, Texas

"…a truly unique place."
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Galveston Island, on the Texas Gulf Coast, was originally inhabited by the Karankawa and Akokisa tribes, and was later claimed by both France and Spain. The first long term European settlers were actually French pirates and the island became the first major seaport in Texas. Like many seaport locales, Galveston’s position as a cultural crossroads makes it a truly unique place.

Today Galveston is part seaport, part tourist destination, part historic town…and all Texas. The area is still recovering from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and, like many other towns of its size, Galveston faces many challenges as a result of a weakened economy. Join us on a missions trip or pilgrimage that embraces the culture and seeks to share in the rejuvenation of this charming island in the sun.


  • Contemplate the nature of tragedy as you visit the Tree Sculpture exhibit.
  • Walk along the historic Strand.
  • Spend a day on the beautiful sandy beach..
  • Visit local sites such as Moody Gardens and the Texas Seaport Museum.
  • Serve with a ministry that aids families in an impoverished community.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – A Journey of Hope
    Welcome to Galveston Island! Over the centuries this barrier island has been the fertile fishing grounds for the Karankawa tribes, home to a settlement of privateers led by Jean Lafitte, and a hub of commercial shipping. Today, Galveston thrives on the shipping, tourism, and health-care industries for its viability. As we arrive on the island it is with hopeful hearts that we look forward to the week ahead. As we serve, pray, and live in community here, may we acknowledge the presence of God as our companion for the journey
  • Day 2 – Stewards of Creation
    For thousands of years this barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico has been home to the hardiest of inhabitants. Though considered a peaceful island paradise, Galveston has always faced challenges from natural forces, the disappearance of resources, the encroachment of industry and explosion of population. The destruction caused by recent storms in the Gulf of Mexico has heightened awareness that the natural health of coastal habitats serve to protect people and property further inland. Mankind’s incursion has created a recipe for further disasters. immerse. As we participate today in a coastal conservation project, let’s be mindful of our covenant with God to be stewards of creation.
  • Day 3 – God’s Masterpieces
    In Ephesians 2, Paul calls us “God’s handiwork.” Each one of us is unique. Each of us has differing skills, abilities, and purposes. These differences help to make this world interesting.   Our service today focuses on an often- overlooked segment of the population: individuals with developmental disabilities. As we serve differently-abled citizens of the island today, may we do so with eyes to see them as the masterpieces that God created them to be. The afternoon brings a time of exploration in the historic Strand district as well as the opportunity to see some real “masterpieces” that Hurricane Ike left behind.
  • Day 4 – A Safe Harbor
    Historically, barrier islands like Galveston Island were great assets to sailors because they provided the relatively tranquil waters of a bay in which to make harbor. A harbor is a place of safety, of calm; a place to call home. We travel today to the north shore of Galveston Bay to work on the campus of a home for children. The programs at the here are designed around a family-style model and are intended to provide the life that all children deserve – a life filled with love and care. What better place to consider the safety and care we find within the love of God.
  • Day 5 – A Stronger Community
    For thousands of people each year, Galveston is a tourist destination. The sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico, trendy restaurants & shops, and fabulous cruise ships are all there to be enjoyed. For many of the island’s permanent residents, however, not all is glitz and glamour.  We spend the day serving with local organizations whose health, education, and nutrition programs serve the disadvantaged and underserved members of the local populace. May our time spent with these ministries plant seeds within us about the hope that grows when communities are healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The afternoon takes us into the surf and sand as we enjoy a bit of fun in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Day 6 – Hope for Life
    As dawn rises on Galveston Island, we prepare to say goodbye to this special place Our time on the coast has come to an end; but as we bid our farewells, it is with the prayer that your life as a community that shares and spreads hope is just beginning. May you return home with determination and purpose, and may you remember that in Christ you have hope for life.

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