Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Germany

"...a place where strongholds, both for ill and good, have dominated the land throughout history."
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Germany has transformed the world in multiple ways. From these ancient lands came inventions, such as the automobile and the printing press. Then, there were world changers like Martin Luther, Beethoven, Karl Marx, and Albert Einstein. As you travel the storybook landscapes of Germany it is hard to miss the inspiration permeating the air. Germany is both history and beauty in full manifestation.

Like the fairy tale castles that are found throughout, Germany is a place where strongholds, both for ill and good, have dominated the land throughout history. As a pilgrim, this country will allow you to ask big questions about the heart of mankind while experiencing the redemptive goodness of God. From the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps, Germany will come alive on your Wonder Voyage. Register for your pilgrimage or missions trip today!


  • Worship in centuries old baroque churches.
  • Learn of the religious struggles faced by those in Germany throughout history.
  • Dine on traditional German cuisine.
  • Hike through the forests that inspired fairytales.
  • Explore castles that feel as if they might be enchanted.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Willkommen in Deutschland
    You’ve made it to Germany so we say to you, “Willkommen in Deutschland.” We have a bit of traveling today but first we head to the historic town of Heidelberg, an ancient university town of sublime beauty and spiritual inspiration. We will ease you into exploration as we take in our new home country for the week. Then we head to the French border town of Saarbruecken where we will stay for the next few days. Tonight you will get a chance to share your stories and hear more about the exciting week ahead.
  • Day 2 – Saarbruecken
    We are in the capital city of Saarland, Saarbruecken. This vibrant border town is known for its excellent museums and French-influenced cuisine. In fact, this region came under French control twice after both World Wars and France remains a stones throw away. We will spend the day getting to know Saarbruecken including the St Johanner Markt and the Basilika St Johann, a dazzling baroque Catholic Church. We’ll learn about the religious struggles that have entered Germany for hundreds of years and how this region has influenced world history. The big question today: How does faith influence your life?
  • Day 3 – Erde, Wind und Feuer
    We will begin a day of outdoor activities at one of Europe’s great heavy industrial relics. You might feel like you’ve stepped into a Hunger Games field. The massive scale of everything around you will make you feel like a dwarf. We will find out how man mastered the forces of fire, wind and earth both to the benefit and destitution of mankind. After picnicking at one of the most scenic spots on the Saar River we will take in a nice afternoon hike to partake in the natural beauty of western Germany. The big question today: How does God purify our hearts like gold?
  • Day 4 – The Moselle Valley
    After we pack up for our next location, we will head to the idyllic Moselle Valley. The valley was formed by the Moselle River which eventually crosses into both France and Luxembourg. It’s serpentine course gives new scenery at every bend. We do have a couple of scheduled stops along with our moseying exploration: the quaint village of Beilstein and a fairytale castle. Tonight we settle into our second housing in Frankfort. We may do a little local exploration getting us ready for the second half of our journey. The big question today: is faith a fairytale or reality?
  • Day 5– Frankfurt
    Frankfurt is unlike any other German city. As a European center of commerce Frankfurt is a modern Eden. But is the 8th century it was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. We will begin the day with Eucharist at Christ the King, a lively Anglican fellowship in the heart of the city. The afternoon will be set aside of an exploration of Frankfurt’s treasures. The big question today: how do you fit into the Church worldwide?
  • Day 6 – Buchenwald
    We will be taking a somber journey today to the Buchenwald concentration camp. Between 1937 – 1945, over 56,000 victims from 18 nations died here including Jews and Soviet and Polish POW’s. We will explore this dark history which revealed both the worst of mankind and the best of humanity. With ties to both Elie Weisel and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this is a day trip has the potential for lifelong transformation.
  • Day 7 – Mainz
    Our final full day will be in the university suburb of Mainz. We’ll start the day at the Ethereal Dom St. Martin, a world famous cathedral. We will then visit the Gutenberg Museum, a heady experience for anyone who loves books. You will even see the first printed copy of the Bible. The rest of the afternoon will be your free time to wander Mainz, shop and take in any other attractions you like. We will have a delicious Celebration Meal, German style then go back and Pass the Candle.
  • Day 8 – Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland
    Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland. We’ve have a powerful week as we’ve wandered through Germany as pilgrims. We’ve discovered fairytale castles, ancient forests, modern marvels and we even visited a bonus country. As fellow pilgrims we’ve asked so deep questions about faith, life and purpose. What do we go back with? Only God knows. What we can say for sure is we go back different, transformed by pilgrimage, enlightened by the Spirit and filled with hope. What future pilgrimages will you embark upon?

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