Redemption: The Rest of the Story

"The best stories are about a hero who overcomes great odds..."
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What makes a good story? The best stories are about a hero who overcomes great odds through a journey filled with struggle, challenge, pain and ultimately internal transformation. What if the hero was not a person but a city? Dallas has just such a story of highs, lows, and a history that continues to draw people to it. The devastating drought in the 1950s, the assassination of JFK in the 1960s, and a huge plane crash in the 1980s all add to the storied history of this great city. But, more than half a century later, Dallas survives and thrives despite its worst days.

With Dallas as the backdrop, join Wonder Voyage for Three Days of Wonder centered on redemption: the rest of the story. Each day’s journey, as we focus on the chapters following the worst parts of the story – in the life of the city, in the life of certain neighborhoods, and in the lives of some amazing individuals, we will look at your story. As these stories come to life, so will the story of your redemption through Jesus Christ. Join us in Dallas and learn what it means to put the worst chapters behind you.


  • Hear about the most difficult day in the city’s history
  • Volunteer in neighborhoods that are thriving after years of violence and decay
  • Hear the redemption stories of people who were wrongly incarcerated
  • Visit a museum focused on the stories of Holocaust survivors who later settled in Dallas
  • Worship with a congregation made up of people experiencing homelessness


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