Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Rhode Island

"...a large number of historic and unique communities of faith..."
  • Historical Site
  • Mission Opportunity

As one of the thirteen original colonies of the United States, Rhode Island is rooted in the challenges, conflicts, and triumphs of the nation. While it is the smallest state in the union, it still boasts a dense and diverse population. Rhode Island was founded by outcasts from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who were seeking a place to live out real religious freedom; this is reflected by a large number of historic and unique communities of faith. More recent history has cast light on the region’s role in the trading of enslaved people and the efforts to move toward reconciliation. Beautiful coastal communities and Gilded Age mansions make the region a feast for the eyes as well.

A Wonder Voyage to Rhode Island immerses you into the political and religious stories of the earliest years of our nation. You will dig into the thoughts on freedom and justice. Opportunities for mission abound. Whether serving those in need or helping to preserve the environment, your volunteer efforts in Rhode Island will be welcomed. To round out your week of wonder, you will visit the abundant natural seaside.


  • Pray in churches historically rooted in religious and political tolerance.
  • Walk the labyrinth on tranquil Block Island.
  • Visit the Center for Reconciliation.
  • Hike, explore, and enjoy the beaches on a serene island.
  • Take in the jaw-dropping beauty of the Gilded Age mansions.
  • Address issues of food insecurity by serving with a local gleaning organization.


There is not an example itinerary for Rhode Island, please contact information@wondervoyage.com for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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