The Harmony of Nature

"The real treasure of the Texas Hill Country is its natural beauty."
  • 3 Day Pilgrimage
  • Narrative Voyage

The Hill Country surrounding the Texas Capitol holds a uniquely diverse ecosystem worth exploring. Original settlers profited from the region through cotton, ranching, and farming among a system of waterways. The later Oil Boom brought the biggest influx of growth to the Central Texas region. But the real treasure of the Texas Hill Country is its natural beauty. Today, it offers a wide variety of flora and fauna – each that serves a specific purpose in the larger system.

Our Harmony of Nature Austin voyage will dig into the intricate native wildlife within its city limits. Each stop explores an element of nature that serves its greater ecosystem and in turn, supports human life – from animals and insects to waterways and plant life. A three-day retreat to Central Texas opens a door to understanding how each one of us plays a role in our native communities and brings value to the whole. The Harmony of Nature can be utilized in all cities with great ecosystems like NYC, Vancouver, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland.


  • Take in views of Lake Austin the Colorado River and downtown Austin at scenic Mt. Bonnell.
  • Engage with “locals” at an animal refuge center.
  • Hike to a secret grotto and marvel at nature’s hidden beauty.
  • Explore Downtown Austin by kayak.
  • Get an exclusive lesson on the vitality of water from a world water expert.
  • Understand the value of Texas’ wildflower population in a gorgeous native center.

3 Day Pilgrimage Option


Wonder Voyage offers 3-Day Pilgrimage options for this voyage.  Experience the transformative wonder, joyful exploration, and community gathering of a pilgrimage in your own backyard. For more information and prices, please fill out the INQUIRY form and we will contact you within 48 office hours. 

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  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.


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