The Pilgrim’s Way to Canterbury

"Pilgrimage connects you to something bigger than yourself."
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Since the martyrdom of Thomas Becket in 1170, pilgrims have flocked to the Eastern shores of Kent to visit the site of his resting body. The pilgrimage traditionally begins at Winchester Cathedral and traces the steps of countless dedicated travelers over the past centuries. As Jim Forest writes in The Road to Emmaus, “Pilgrimage connects you to something bigger than yourself. Pilgrimage connects you to longings that come from deep places and that cannot be easily explained.”

A modern-day journey on the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury, allows you to connect with pilgrims over the last one thousand years as you visit ancient stone churches with preserved inscriptions from faithful wayfarers. Connect with them and their intent as you walk in their steps and see for yourself how the heart is transformed by walking, by exploring, and by contemplating what it means to find the holy in the common, the sacred in the story, and wonder in hidden corners.


  • Taste the Wayfarer’s Dole at St. Cross.

  • Kneel in prayer at the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor.

  • Attend a service at the first Christian church in England.

  • Take in the unforgettable sights of England’s North Downs.

  • Hear the story of Thomas Becket in the chapel where his body lays at rest.


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