Stories from the Storm

"examine our response to the storms in our own lives"
  • Narrative Voyage

Storms, both metaphorical and literal, are part of life. There is no escaping them. What happens during and after the storm can be remarkable. Stories of faith, perseverance, challenge, and growth abound within the stories of the storms. Centuries of high winds, crashing waves, and submerged hazards have worn the coastline and its inhabitants into something of resilient beauty. The southern and east coasts of the United States are poignant locations from which to examine our response to the storms in our own lives.

Our Stories of the Storm pilgrimage encourages your group to embrace the idea in Isaiah 25 of God as “a safe place from the storm.” As we paddle in the calm waters of rivers, lakes, and oceans, serve the needs of the less fortunate, and take in the rugged coastlands, we will hear the stories of the storms. We will consider the role of faith in the storms and contemplate the role of God – in the calm, in the storm, in the aftermath. Join Wonder Voyage for a time to embrace the One who preserves us.


  • Enjoy a paddling adventure on a local waterway.
  • Engage in meaningful community service through collaborative local churches.
  • Worship at a church whose history dates to the earliest years of the United States.
  • Here personal stories of hope from locals who faced the winds and lived.
  • Visit an area devastated by natural disasters to learn what we can do to change the planet.


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