The Way of Mission

"putting our hands, feet, and hearts into action is transformational"
  • Narrative Voyage

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have been called to reflect and manifest God’s love through selflessly serving humanity. Laying our lives down for God’s beloved is a tangible way of walking with Jesus in the now. Putting our hands, feet, and hearts into action is transformational for us and for those whom we serve. Unfortunately, agenda-driven and selfish approaches to mission work will do more harm than good. That is why It is crucial for our hearts and minds to be centered on the words and actions of Jesus before undertaking the call to serve.

“The Way of Mission” is a 3-Day Pilgrimage or Narrative Voyage is dedicated to understanding and executing our call to serve others. Designed as a journey of preparation for a longer mission trip, or an exploration of Jesus-centered missions in a longer format, The Way of Mission focuses on the elements of a Gospel-centered mission without common unfortunate presumptions or added agendas. Our retreat or full-length Wonder Voyage mission can be adapted for almost any location.


  • Understand compassion by learning how it feels to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Examine your willingness to do “the job nobody wants.”
  • Consider what it means to be the bearer of the “best news possible.”
  • Learn the difference between a “ministry of presence” and a “ministry of presents.”
  • Develop a new understanding of your call to serve the least of these.


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