Cheryl Small

Cheryl is a business administrator extraordinaire. Years of office management experience and a love for seeing a staff grow in strength has trained Cheryl for this challenging experience. If you have a question about paperwork, payments or billing give Cheryl a call. She is the wife of Wonder Voyage director, Shawn Small.

Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl's Shepherds Pie
Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl’s Shepherds Pie
In our first year in Ireland, we hosted a team on almost a weekly basis. I was the caterer for some of the meals for each team. There were not a lot of options to cook like when we are at home, so I had ...
Wonder of Christmas: It starts with a wreath
Wonder of Christmas: It Starts with a Wreath
Editorial note: At Wonder Voyage, wonder is at the heart of everything we do. That focus doesn’t change during the holidays. This Christmas, we are celebrating wonder by sharing some stories and traditions of the holiday season. It starts with a wreath, then you add ...