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A Teen's Reflection on New Orleans
A Teen’s Reflection on New Orleans
Jeffery Link is an 8th grader who attends Irving Bible Church. After returning from a Wonder Voyage trip to New Orleans, he wrote the following post. It first appeared on the IBC website. It has been reprinted by permission.   I love my youth group. ...
New Orleans river boat
Georgia Small on Memories and Milestones
I was first introduced to Wonder Voyage’s unique approach to mission and pilgrimage when my teenage daughters took a mission trip to New Orleans. The following year, my husband and I became interim youth leaders and led our team on a survival camp that Wonder ...
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection
“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection
Riley Nee is a 17-year-old writer from Chevy Chase, MD. She participated in the St. John’s Norwood J2A pilgrimage to Belize in June 2023. Riley is Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper and plans to pursue a career in journalism. This article is reprinted with ...