Building a Legacy

My husband and I have been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. A few years ago, certain obligations grounded me to my homestead. My husband, Brent, continued to travel with Wonder Voyage but I also wanted to be involved. But I wasn’t sure what role I could play as a non-traveler within the Wonder Voyage community.

Brent would return from his summer pilgrimages with new stories and deep connections to the people and places he visited. These connections grew into opportunities for us to financially support ministries that he’d served first-hand. After supporting a handful of these ministries, I began to pray about how I could help people connect to worthwhile projects. So many people have a desire to give to worthy causes but they often don’t know where to find them. If they do find them, they often wonder where their money is really going.

I shared this with Wonder Voyage’s executive director, Shawn, during a post-meal rocking chair chat on our front porch and that night Wonder Voyage Legacy was born. The idea was simple: we wanted to invest in opportunities for our pilgrims to serve in strategic partner locations year after year so that their legacy would grow. Whether renovating homes, building chicken coops, constructing kitchens, or digging ditches, we wanted to invest in good causes with people that we knew and trusted. With Wonder Voyage as the umbrella non-profit, we were able to assure that every penny donated would go straight to the project the donor selected.

Legacy began and its impact grew through pictures, videos, and first-hand accounts. Today we continue to build a lasting legacy in many locations that the Wonder Voyage family and its donors can be proud of.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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