Destination: Scotland

Scotland is a land drenched in myth, magic, and mystery. It’s full of tales of saints and sinners, heroes and scoundrels, royalty and poverty, and the Loch Ness monster. Thousands of years of history have sculpted this intriguing country, calling travelers from around to world to come to its shores. From the highlands to the lowlands to the isles and back, a Scotland pilgrimage with Wonder Voyage is unlike anywhere else.

Scotland is Wonder Voyage at its best. We take you beyond tourist highlights and immerse you into a rare adventure. You will hike to the top of a volcano and explore a hidden underground city. You will walk the ancient paths of the saints of old and recall their stories as they intwine with your own. You will wander through castles, walk cobbled streets, and drink in the richness of all Scotland has to offer.

When Saint Columba took eleven monks and launched into the Irish Sea toward Scotland in 563 AD, they were embarking on what the Irish referred to as a Wonder Voyage. We enter into this tradition of pilgrimage as we explore, serve, and discover the path that thousands have taken before us. If you pine for the sound of bagpipes and the smell of heather, let Wonder Voyage be your guide and discover a Scotland Wonder Voyage or check out our other Scotland locations: Iona and The Western Islands.

Coeli Lawhead is the daughter of Shawn Small, founder of Wonder Voyage. Traveling as a child is gave her an insatiable desire to continuing exploring the world. She loves to read and write and currently works as a freelance editor in Dallas, TX.

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