Outwitting a Hurricane

As someone who has traveled with Wonder Voyage all over the country, I can say that they are second-to-none in the care their provide during all stages of the trip experience. I work at a school that values travel. We take our entire student body, consisting of 70 kids or more, on Wonder Voyage trips. This usually stretches the logistical bounds of what most travel companies can muster, but not with Wonder Voyage. Over and over again, they exude grace, poise, skill, and depth in what they do. As a leader, it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that my team is in good hands.

A few years ago we had a trip to New Orleans planned. We received word that a major hurricane was bearing down on the city, necessitating a need for a last minute change of plans. I told Wonder Voyage I was not comfortable driving our students into a storm. The staff of Wonder Voyage immediately got to work. In less than two days, they had created an entirely new trip to Memphis that incorporated all of the same hopes we had for our original trip. You would have thought they had planned the trip to be in Memphis all along. They secured lodging, food, and more. It was a perfectly executed trip that met our every need and exceeded every expectation.

This is what I have come to expect from Wonder Voyage. I highly recommend them based on how they operate with such great skill, tremendous wisdom, and boundless energy. They are a great partner to have!

Dr. Scott Martin is a lifelong educator who has worked with students for the past 20+ years as a Young Life director, teacher, coach, and school administrator. Scott has a Bachelor's degree in Theology, a Master's in Creative Writing, and a PhD in Moral School Leadership. He presents at conferences around the world on topics pertaining to education, culture, and city transformation.

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