Transformed by Pilgrimage

I once led a team from Bethesda, Maryland to Nova Scotia on pilgrimage. Shortly after returning home, their reverend shared this response with the parish about their journey: “Last Tuesday, the St. Luke’s pilgrims arrived home safely. Our time in Nova Scotia changed us as individuals and as a community. We can tell you what we did and share pictures of what we saw, but words will fail us should we try to explain all that happened in our hearts and souls. We learned to look for the wonderful. We taught our eyes and hearts to be open to sudden moments of overwhelming peace or joy. We began to recognize how many times God draws near.”

This is the reason I invest my life in leading others on a pilgrimage. I hear so many stories of people being utterly and completely transformed by the experience. Pilgrimage is a time to get out of the pattern of jumping from one thing to another, doing the task in front of us while planning and preparing for the next task. It shows us how to slow down and be in the moment. It teaches us to be present and aware. It helps us see the many times God shows up in our lives. It grants us a new perspective that opens our hearts to transformation.

Working with Wonder Voyage gives me the opportunity to help people encounter spiritual moments that invade their heart and profoundly alter their perspective. With each spiritual encounter woven between moments of wonder, individual walls come down and rhythms begin to change so that life starts to appear new and fresh again. Pilgrimage renews the soul with strength and hope. If you desire to be transformed by pilgrimage, you are always welcome to join me on a Wonder Voyage.

Ken brings his 25+ years of business and pastoral experience to the Wonder Voyage team. His passion is missions, leadership development, and team-based ministry. He serves to steward the dreams of individuals and organizations. Ken is both a Voyage Director and a long-standing board member.

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