History’s Mosaic

"...their complex and vibrant components to form a mosaic of humanity."
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You might think that New Orleans is defined by jazz, Cajun food, and the French Quarter. How about San Francisco for its hills, bridges, and Alcatraz. Don’t forget Toronto’s culture, traffic and the CN Tower. In truth, these are just a few interesting components of cities that are easily North America’s most unique story. Their history is rooted in backgrounds as diverse as Native American, French, Spanish, Cajun, and the Caribbean. Throughout history, these distinct cultures have blended their complex and vibrant components to form a mosaic of humanity. Every moment in her history, every musical note, every delicious flavor contributes to a larger, more beautiful picture. If any of the elements are removed, the picture is not the same. There is nowhere else like these locations on the planet.

Our ‘History’s Mosaic’ pilgrimage takes place in iconic neighborhoods to examine pieces of this urban cultural mosaic up close. We will explore the story of the earliest European settlers, discover local architecture and cuisine, and celebrate the diversity behind these cities. Join us as we investigate the beauty and biodiversity of the local greenspaces and engage in the art and music that has defined each region. Each day’s explorative focus encourages your group to grow in a greater appreciation for the complex mosaics that define history while strengthening your community bonds. Get ready for an educational experience unlike any you have ever encountered.


  • Uncover hundreds of years of history in unexpected corners.
  • Dive into a local neighborhood that carries a one-of-a-kind vibe.
  • Be inspired by stories that form the foundation of these locations.
  • Find a local home-grown adventure to engage in.
  • Cook up a regional meal with a local chef.


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