In Freedom, With Love

"A Wonder Voyage retreat to Philadelphia makes clear the Gospel message of sin and redemption."
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has represented a lot of important symbols in its nearly 340-year history. The state was founded by William Penn to establish a colony of Quakers free from the religious oppression they faced in England. That, combined with the city’s motto of “Brotherly Love” makes it one remarkable location for an immersive journey to discover the freedom found in Christ.

During our days of wonder in Philly, we walk through the nation’s first penitentiary and reflect on our own need for Christ’s freedom from sin. Then we seek out the nation’s oldest symbols of freedom and relish in the fact that we too are free. We worship with the oldest AME congregation in celebration that we have been released to walk in love, faith and obedience. A Wonder Voyage retreat to Philadelphia makes clear the Gospel message of sin and redemption.


  • Roam through endless stalls of deliciousness in America’s oldest market.
  • Tour the nation’s first penitentiary at night to marvel at its notable architecture.
  • Serve with an organization dedicated to addressing hunger and homelessness.
  • Get lost in a garden of mosaic magic.
  • Worship in the oldest AME congregation in the country.


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Philadelphia, PA