Perfectly Imperfect

"these these quirky cities opens doors to show their truest selves"
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There are certain cities in America that are delightfully quirky, and they call to visitors like a siren. Did you know Seattle has a secret underground city and a giant troll living under a bridge? Nearly every corner of Portland contains random bits of eccentricities and culture. And the official motto for the Texas capital is: Keep Austin Weird. A large portion of the residents of these cities expresses their identity in the most unique ways possible. Uniqueness is a gift for the world and a sign of the Creator’s creativity.

Our Perfectly imperfect voyage to these quirky cities opens doors for pilgrims to show their truest selves with one another and those we meet along the way. We will walk amongst some of the city’s unique treasures and compare them to our idea of “normal” . Most importantly embrace extraordinary people with open arms and servants’ hearts. From the hidden corners of suburbia to the city center, we will explore the very best that Portland, Seattle, Austin, and other weird locations have to offer and in return, we will serve the city, and celebrate what makes us different.


  • Visit a giant troll under a Seattle bridge
  • Be welcomed at a groundbreaking village that provides a supportive community to the previously homeless.
  • Meet local artists who challenge the way we look at the world
  • Marvel at the obscure talents of a sideshow performer.
  • Be a part of an unconventional neighborhood beautification project


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Austin, TX

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA